Flight Simulator GYRO-IPT

The simulator is produced by Environmental Tectonics Corporation be designed to introduce aircrews to the phenomenon of spatial disorientation, and the GYRO is the continuation of developmental line of simulators with improved motive possibilities in range of inclination and the inclination, enabling in three axises the movements.
The simulator makes possible the demonstration the pilots, both the airplanes, as and the, phenomena connected with spatial disorientation in reference to concrete situations in track of flight helicopters.
The accessible programmes of simulation hug the introduction of visual illusions the, atrial, desensitization on motive stimuli (the transportational disease) as well as the training of leading out with atypical positions the airplane.
The possibilities of simulator both on applying the subliminal stimuli, as and the generating of angular accelerations about comparatively high value. In the table 1 was presented maximum possibilities cabin simulator.
Operator’s console is second element of system including supervisory monitors (from left: the person’s view studied recorded with the help of the working in band of infra-red radiation camera, the simulating being screen the exact reflection in cabin the monitor and the monitor of navigational computer).
The aerodynamic model of simulated airplane with dynamic properties airplane TS -11 ”Spark” in standard configuration.

Contact: M. Sc. Rafał Lewkowicz
phone: +48 261 852 273, +48 261 852 004
e-mail: lewkowicz@wiml.waw.pl

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