Low-Pressure Chamber „WAWELSKA”

In the Low-Pressure Chamber pre-determined  training profiles for aircrew of the Polish Armed Forces in conditions of low barometric pressure in complex combination of altitudes. This chamber is designed to conduct following research:

  • periodic tests – to determine the degree of the human organism immunity to influence of the oxygen deficiency (hypoxia) and the impact of altitude;
  • occasional tests – to determine or update of the human organism immunity to the oxygen deficiency;
  • specialist test – due to required profile.

The low-pressure chamber is characterised by following technical parameters:

  • barometric pressure achieved in the chamber – 9 mmHg;
  • pressure changes regulated continuously in the range from 0 to 15 mmHg/s;
  • usable volume of the chamber – 50 m3;
  • once inside the chamber can be tested ten people.

The chamber ahs been equipped in IT system allowing for recording of physiological parameters (heart rate, arterial blood oxygen saturation and carbon dioxide content in exhaled air) and technical parameters (barometric pressure, temperature and humidity) and full monitoring of these parameters on a computer screen during the survey that allows for accurate and objective methods to evaluate test subjects and if required, timely assistance. These parameters are presented as digital and graphical information, and archived on a computer hard disk.

Contact: MD PhD Krzysztof Kowalczuk
phone: +48 261 852 000
e-mail: kkowalczuk@wiml.waw.pl

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