ORTO-LBNP - Research and training system for pilots

The ORTHO-LBNP system allows for carrying out research and training of pilots in conditions of ischemic hypoxia and orthostatic stress, which induces hypotension. It consists of two basic elements. One of them is the underpressure chamber that acts on the basis of the well-known method in space medicine called lower body negative pressure (LBNP). The other is the tilt testing table (ORTO), whose drive system has been registered in the Polish Patent Office.


  • range of generated underpressure in the LBNP chamber: 0 to -100 mmHg
  • rate of underpressure changes: up to 20 mmHg/s
  • range of movement of the tilt table: -45°to +80°
  • rate of tilt changes: up to 45°/s
  • motion profile defined by: initial position, target rate of tilt change, target location
  • underpressure running profiles: biphasic, multiphasic with stepped change of the underpressure, periodically changeable

Physiological signals/parameters being monitored: NIRS (oxygenation of the brain by near-infrared spectroscopy method), ECG, EEG, EMG (electromyogram), SpO2 (oxygenation), EtCO2 (CO2 concentration in exhaled air), respiration curve, CBP (continuous blood pressure measurement), NBP (non-invasive blood pressure measurement using oscillometric method), SCL (skin conductance level), ICG (cardiogram using impedance method), IPG (pletysmogram using impedance method), temperature.

Potential applications of the ORTO-LBNP system:

  • aviation medicine: research and trainings of pilots undergoing the impact of long-term accelerations
  • space medicine: research and trainings of astronauts prepared for space flights
  • sports medicine: trainings to increase endurance of sportsmen
  • other: trainings of persons exposed to hypoxia (skydivers, scuba divers, mountain climbers)

Łukasz Dziuda, Ph.D., D.Sc.
tel. +48 261 852 621
e-mail: ldziuda@wiml.waw.pl

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