Egress Procedure Training Device

The Trainer Mk 11 pl equipped with ejection Martin Backer seat, is actually used for education and ejection training in the pilots of 130 pl „Orlik”, especially for:

  • training the pilot in implementing the correct procedures after he sits down on the ejection seat,
  • training the pilot in the ejection decision making process,
  • training the pilot in assuming the correct seating position for the ejection,
  • training in essential activities associated with the ejection.

General description of the device:

  • Weight of the simulator ready for operation: 1150 kg
  • Maximum seat acceleration ( G–loading): 3.5 g (g= 9.81 m/s2)
  • Seat travel: 2000 mm (-50 mm)
  • Maximum seat load: 120 kg
  • Maximum pneumatic supply pressure: 14 bar (-0.5 bar)
  • Maximum pressure in the executing system: 10 bar (-0.5 bar)
  • Supply voltage: 230V/400V/50Hz
  • Maximum power consumption: 8 kVA

Simulator ejection station:

  • length: 3690 mm
  • width: 2630 mm
  • height: 3620 mm

Instructor station dimensions:

  • width: 1160 mm
  • depth: 580 mm
  • height (without monitor): 750 mm

Versions manufactured to date: for PZL-130C1 „Orlik” turboprop aircraft equipped with Martin Baker Mk 11pl ejection seat, used by Military Institute of Aviation Medicine in Warsaw and Polish Air Force Academy.

Contact: M. Sc. pil. Marek Gąsik
Phone: +48 261 852 004, +48 261 852 276

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