Parabolic flight at MIAM for ESA project

On 27-28 January 2015 the Aeromedical Training Department of MIAM conducted a centrifuge training for the participants of a project funded by the European Space Agency.

The four representatives of European Space Agency, Stam S.r.l. (Italy), OptiNav Sp z o.o (Poland) and SKA Poland Sp. z o.o. (Poland) participated in the centrifuge training at MIAM. The medical examination and centrifuge training developed by the Aeromedical Training Department of MIAM were part of the qualifications and preparations for a parabolic flight, which is to be held in February of this year.

Prior to the centrifuge training, the participants underwent extended laryngological tests to eliminate any labyrinth disorders. The substantive scope of the centrifuge training was focused on maximizing an experience of acceleration and gravitational conditions prevailing during parabolic flight.

An additional aim of the training was to assess eye-hand coordination of participants, as well as examining how they deal with various psychophysiological factors (such as disorientation, reaction to stimuli, cyclically variable accelerations) that may act on the human body during such a flight. Looking into the future, it can be an important part of training before a human space flight.

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