Artur Kielak and his passion to fly

Artur Kielak, Polish champion in aerobatics, who was eighth at the 28th FAI World Aerobatic Championships 2015, tested capabilities of the MIAM’s human centrifuge while shooting an episode on his passion to fly for a television programme.

Artur Kielak is to be a protagonist of one out of twelve episodes of a documentary television series titled “Passion – way of life”. If you want to see how does the champion deal with g-force achieving 9G you should watch this show. Apart from Artur Kielak in “Passion – way of life” took part among others Sebastian Kawa a multiple world and European gliding champion.

The documentary TV series is produced by the Propeller Film for the Canal+ Discovery. The shooting of “Passion – way of life” at MIAM was carried out on 14 Sept 2015.

Artur Kielak on Youtube:

Propeller Film:

Polish High-G Training:

fot. Janusz Ośko - WIML

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