Hyperbaric Chamber

The Hyperbaric Chamber has been built based on a pressurised tank with following parameters:

  • maximal working pressure is 0,6 Map /60 MSW/;
  • total volume 6 m3;
  • medical section volume 4,1 m3;
  • the tank is equipped in a porch with volume 1,9 m3 enabling lockage for one person and for giving small items under pressure;
  • the tank is also equipped in illuminators used to observation tested people by means of technical items;

The chamber works as a part of the protection system for tests performed in the low-pressure chamber and the rapid decompression chamber.
Contents of the hyperbaric chamber equipment:

  • connection system enabling communication between instructors and tested both in the medical section and in the porch;
  • technical observation system enabling tracing of tested people together with archiving of picture and voices;
  • horizontal patient transport system enabling for putting inside people after loss of consciousness;
  • oxygen inhalator system (four in the medical section and one in the porch) enabling performance of oxygen therapy or breathing using gaseous mixtures;
  • anti-fire system;
  • emergency power supply system enabling working of the chamber with loss of main supply.
Contact: MD PhD Krzysztof Kowalczuk
phone: +48 261 852 000
e-mail: kkowalczuk@wiml.waw.pl
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