Feast of the Polish Armed Forces

Every year on 15th of August we are celebrating one of the most significant days for every Pole – National Armed Forces Day. It is to commemorate the glarious victory of Polish Forces in the Battle of Warsaw in 1920. This special day for our nation has been introduced on 13th of August 1992 by the authority of Polish Governament (Dz.U. [Journal of Laws] from 1992, no. 60, item 303).

Polish Aviation Day 2020

On August 28, we celebrate the Polish Aviation Day. On this occasion, we express our deepest respect and wish all pilots safe and high flights.

Dragons’ high-G training

The Venezuelan military pilots from the Grupo Aéreo de Caza No. 16, also known as "The Dragons", underwent a weekly training in the MIAM’s human training centrifuge.


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