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History of the Military Institute of Aviation Medicine

The Military Institute of Aviation Medicine was established shortly after Poland regained its independence. The scientific activity undertaken by the Institute dates back to January, 1928 when the Aviation Medical Centre was set up in Warsaw on order of the later first Marshal of Poland Józef Piłsudski. It was the first health care centre serving the needs of aviation. In 1931, built the first Iow pressure chamber and thus began equipping the Institute in other devices and aviation simulators. The Institute is proud to be continuing and developing this tradition.
Currently the scientific activity at the Institute focuses on the issues of aviation pathophysiology and psychology, connected with the diagnostics and treatment of diseases limiting the ability to perform air service. Moreover the unique character and range of work carried out at the Institute is focused around Scientific and Didactic Centre, Aeromedical Training Division, Clinical Centre, Medical Assessment and Occupational Medicine Centre, Night Vision Training System.

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