Rapid Decompression Chamber

The Rapid Decompression Chamber permits training for aircrew containing:

  • effects of hypoxia on the ability to perform tasks in aspect of maintain psychophysiological efficiency
  • rapid decompression training
  • determination of reserve time

The chamber contains a main chamber and a decompression tank connected together by vacuum pipe system.
The rapid decompression effect has been obtained using the phenomenon of equalisation of pressure in tanks after they combined.
Arrangement of valves used to connect a main chamber and a decompression tank maintain decompression time regulation in a range 0.7-15 seconds with accuracy half a second (0.5 sec).
An IT subsystem allows to setting of order and timing of decompression valves opening and:

  • shows and records information about pressure in the main chamber and the decompression tank
  • shows and records climatic parameters of the chamber atmosphere
  • draws graphs from devices monitoring of the test person
  • creates a database of survey
Contact: MD PhD Krzysztof Kowalczuk
phone: +48 261 852 000
e-mail: kkowalczuk@wiml.waw.pl



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