JAPETUS - Research Training Simulator

Main tasks fulfilled by the simulator:
  • Selection testing of the candidates for military pilots, verifying their aptitudes and suitability for flying duties,
  • Military pilots-training and testing military pilots after long no flying periods,
  • Aviation medicine scientific research.

General description of the Simulator
The „Japetus” is a comprehensive full flight simulator, equipped with 6 DoF motion system. It is a simulator of the two engine, jet military training aircraft, while its cockpit layout and dynamics are based on I-22 „Iryda” aircraft. It is equipped with three channels, collimating module type, projection system, presenting out-of-the-window (OTW) view.
Towards the end of the nineteen eighties, at the time the military jet training aircraft, I-22 „Iryda” was being designed, the construction of its simulator also begun, in order to facilitate the pilots training process on this type of aircraft. The simulator subsequently was installed in the Military Institute for Aviation Medicine in Warsaw, at the beginning of 1992. In 1997 there was a comprehensive upgrade. This was dictated by the increased demands posed by the user, and radically changed the capabilities of the simulator use, transforming it from a standard flight simulator into a complex system for selection of the military pilots candidates and also enabling research in aviation medicine. This required the installation in the cockpit, of modern medical equipment for measuring physiological parameters of the pilot during flight.

Contact: M. Sc. pil. Marek Gąsik
Phone: +48 261 852 004, +48 261 852 276
e-mail: mgasik@wiml.waw.pl


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